Uniform requirements for RPA Studios :  

For Ballet Classes :  

Black leotard 
Black sheer skirt
Black crossover (not compulsory)
Prima pink convertible ballet tights
Leather ballet shoes split-sole (pink)

For Jazz Classes :  

Black leotard 
Black shorts or dance pants
Tan convertible dance tights
Leather jazz shoes split-sole (black)

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Ballet Shoes Leather (Pink) – Split Sole

$21.95 $24.95

BEST SELLER Ballet Pack: Shoes Leotard Tights & Skirt (Pink...


THE WORKS : Shoes Leotard Tights Skirt Xover Headband (Pink or...

$64.95 $69.95

Leather Jazz Shoe – Split Sole – Black & Tan

$24.95 $39.95

Jazz Bootie – Leather Slip on – Black

$29.95 $43.95

Canvas Ballet Shoe Split Sole (Vegan)


Canvas Ballet Shoe Split Sole – Black (Vegan)

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