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CLEARANCE Adult Size Ballet Shoes Leather (Pink)

Classic ballet shoe in leather. * Split sole design. * A top quality, durable shoe in prima pink.

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* Classic ballet shoe in leather. * A top quality, durable shoe in prima pink. * Functional elastic drawstring ties and attached elastic straps for maximum comfort and fit. Our elastics straps are sewn with one row of stitching for ease of adjustment, please re-sew if they detach. * Suede innersole and cotton lining. Note, we cannot guarantee split or full sole, it will depend on what stock is left.

You must CHECK YOUR FOOT SIZE prior to selecting the shoe size. Please check our size charts below (there is also more detailed charts at the bottom of the home page), and also remember to measure your feet from back of heel to end of the longest toe then add 1cm for wriggle room if you want a bit of extra room. The shoes are a medium width, so if you have a wider than average foot then choose a larger size. Always choose a larger rather than smaller shoe.

When trying your ballet shoes for the first time we would appreciate it if you could refrain from pulling or tightening the front elastics, or dirtying the soles of the shoes, as we are unable to refund or exchange the shoes once you have done this.

Size      Shoe Length (cm)
C4        12.9
C5        13.7
C6        14.5
C7        15.3
C8        16.1
C9        16.9  
C10      17.7  
C11      18.5  
C12      19.3
C13      20.5
A1        21.3
A2        22.1
A3        22.9
A4        23.7
A5        24.5
A6        25.3
A7        26.1
A8        27.0

* There may be variation in colour and style with this shoe. Please note, for these beginner shoes we sew the elastics on with only one row of stitching as you may wish to adjust the tightness, but it may mean elastics come off and you will need to reattach yourself.

Weight 50 g
shoe size

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