Leather Jazz Shoe - Split Sole - Black & Tan $24.95 $39.95
Jazz Bootie - Leather Slip on - Black $29.95 $43.95

Jazz Bootie – Leather Slip on – Tan

Soft leather jazz bootie with soft elastic front.

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$29.95 $43.95

Shoe Size * 

* Soft leather jazz bootie with soft elastic front. * Split sole option for a softer shoe with more flexibility and sculpts the foot beautifully. * Small lightweight EVA rubber heel and EVA front sole for durability.  * A fantastic value quality jazz shoe.  * Available in black or tan.

You must CHECK YOUR CHILD’S FOOT SIZE prior to selecting the shoe size. Please check our size charts below (there are also more detailed charts at the bottom of the home page), and also remember to measure your child’s feet from back of heel to end of the longest toe then add 1cm for wriggle room. The shoes are a generous sizing, so if your child has a narrower than average foot then choose the closest size.

Split Sole Leather Jazz Shoe Size
The shoe length displayed is the external length of the shoe. (C=Child  A=Youth/Adult).

Size      Shoe Length (cm)
C6        14.5
C7        15.3
C8        16.1
C9        16.9
C10      17.7
C11      18.5
C12      19.3
C13      20.5  
A1        21.3
A2        22.1
A3        22.9
A4        23.7 
A5        24.5 
A6        25.3 
A7        26.1
A8        27.0 

This shoe has an average width fit.

Weight 300 g


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