We have included size guides in each product description to help you choose the right size.

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Please read the information provided in the product description of each product. Do not base sizing from your current shoe size, as sizes vary between brands. We also recommend to re-measure feet before every purchase, even if you have an existing Balletstuff brand shoe.

Our shoes have custom size guides shown in the product description. Our shoes have a general C width and we do not offer different width options.

How to Measure Your Feet

  • Place a piece of paper on a hard floor
  • Place the foot on the paper. Measure both feet as they differ slightly
  • Mark the end of the heel (note the heel is curved so mark straight down from back of heel)
  • Mark the end of the longest toe
  • Measure between these points with a ruler (not tape measure) in cm.
  • Add 1cm for wriggle room if you want growth room (for younger children). If you are older and/or want a snug fit, select the shoe that is the same length or slightly larger than your foot measurement.

As a crosscheck, the Balletstuff (non branded) ballet and jazz shoes sizes are normally one size down from current AU school/street shoe size.

Balletstuff are not responsible for ensuring correct shoe fit or sizing.

Please read the information provided in the product description of each product as sizes vary according to brand.

Tips to help you choose dancewear size:

  • Generally, most products have an age guide in the product description. If your child is weearing street clothes of size 5, then choose the relevant size (eg 4-5). If you want growth room or if they are starting to wear size 6, then choose the next size up (ie 6-7).
  • It is recommended to use your current leotard size when choosing sizes for other dancewear and tutus.

If unsure of Garment sizing, please provide the following information in the ‘Comments’ area in the Shopping Cart.

  • Current regular clothing size.
  • Current leotard size.
  • Age (if a child), and whether small, average, large, tall or short for their age.
  • Preference for growing room or a firm fit.

Please email  if you would like assistance in choosing sizes.

Please note that Balletstuff takes no responsibility for incorrect size selection by customers based on information provided on this site. However we will do our best to make sure you get the right product!

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