The dance crossover cardigan became popular in dancewear sometime in the mid 20th century and has remained a popular part of a dancer’s staple wardrobe ever since.

With its unique design featuring overlapping front panels and form hugging design, the crossover cardigan was likely introduced to meet the specific needs of dancers, providing both warmth and freedom of movement during rehearsals and performances.

The crossover has since become a staple in dance fashion, worn by dancers of various genres worldwide.

A dance crossover cardigan is typically worn in a specific way to maximise its functionality and style. Here’s how to wear it:

How should you wear a crossover?

Well, firstly, put your arms through the sleeves. Slide your arms through the sleeves of the crossover cardigan, just like you would with any other jacket or cardigan. Bring the front panels of the cardigan across your body, overlapping them slightly at the front. Depending on the design of the cardigan, you may need to secure it in place. Some crossover cardigans have buttons or clasps, but most will have long ties to hold the front panels in place. If your cardigan has ties, you will usually wrap the panels and tie the cardigan securely either behind or on the side.

Make sure the cardigan fits comfortably and allows you to move freely. Adjust the front panels as needed to ensure they lie flat and don’t restrict your movement. Once the cardigan is securely in place, you can style it further by rolling up the sleeves, leaving them down, or adjusting the neckline to your preference.

A dance crossover cardigan serves several purposes.

Warmth: It keeps dancers warm before, during, and after dance practice or performances, especially in colder environments or during warm-up sessions. The importance of staying warm, especially in the pre-dance warm up phase, can’t be highlighted enough, this helps to reduce or eliminate injuries and strains.

Style: It adds a stylish layer to a dancer’s outfit, enhancing the overall appearance during rehearsals, classes, or even casual wear.

Functionality: It provides freedom of movement while dancing, as it is designed to be close-fitting while still flexible, allowing dancers to move comfortably without restrictions and for dance instructors to see clearly the dancer’s moves without being hindered by large, bulky or loose-fitting clothing.

Convenience: It’s easy to put on and take off, making it a convenient garment for dancers who need to quickly change outfits during rehearsals or performances.

Overall, a dance crossover cardigan is a versatile and essential piece of clothing for dancers, offering both style and functionality.

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