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Dance Show Tan Tap Shoes

Mary Jane tap shoe

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* Mary Jane style tap shoe with buckle and 3/4 inch heel. * Taps included.  * A top quality, comfortable and durable PU leather tap shoe.    Please note, tap shoe sizes vary from ballet and jazz shoe sizings.

You must CHECK YOUR CHILD’S FOOT SIZE prior to selecting the shoe size. Please check our size charts below (there is also more detailed charts at the bottom of the home page), and also remember to measure your child’s feet from back of heel to end of the longest toe then add 1.5cm for wriggle room. The shoes are a medium width, so if your child has a wider than average foot then choose a larger size. Always choose a larger rather than smaller shoe.

When trying your tap shoes for the first time we would appreciate it if you could refrain from wearing or dirtying the soles of the shoes before you are sure of the fit, as we are unable to refund or exchange the shoes once you have done this.

Size  Shoe Length (cm)
C9 (23)      16.5
C10 (25)    17.3
C11 (26)    18.1
C12 (28)    18.9
C13 (29)    19.6
A1 (31)      20.4
A2 (33)      21.2
A3 (34)      22.0
A4 (36)      22.8
A5 (37)      23.6
A6 (39)      24.4
A7 (41)      25.2
A8 (43)      26.0




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