Heading into the cooler months in Australia, here’s a question we get asked by parents – Should I buy my child leg warmers?

For most of us over 40’s, thinking of leg warmers we have vivid memories of the 80s, the movie Fame, or dance classes we may have attended personally. Or if you’re a bit younger, maybe you never experienced the 80s or have no idea what leg warmers are.

Leg warmers are shaped like a long sock, but with a hole cut out for the toes and heel so dancers can wear them over their shoes to keep their legs and feet warm. Leg warmers help dancers to keep their feet and ankles and lower legs warm and can be worn before, during and after dance class to prevent cramping and injury.

Leg warmers come in many various fabrics, shapes and most amazingly an array of awesome colours. Some leg warmers cover only the ankle and lower leg, while others go as high as the mid-thigh.

Dancers wear leg warmers to keep their legs and ankles warm, which assists in preventing injury. Without optimal levels of heat, muscles can be prone to injury, while warm muscles allow for increased blood flow and oxygen, which help them keep them strong and protect somewhat from lactic acid buildup. Legwarmers are therefore particularly helpful in the colder months for helping muscles to warm up faster and be less likely to experience cramping.

Leg warmers are more practical than other options such as wearing track pants, for the main reason that they are easier to slip on and off. Full leg coverings such as track pants can make it difficult for dancers and teachers to see body lines in the mirror, leg warmers are more practical because they don’t affect vision of these critical leg and foot areas.

Many leg warmers will have a stirrup option to fit under the arch, so that ballet or jazz shoes or pointe shoes are still in contact with the floor in the same way they would be without the leg warmers.

So, should you wear leg warmers for dance class in winter, from us it’s a resounding YES!  click here for our legwarmers

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