Jazz pants are an integral part of any dancer’s wardrobe and choosing the right pair of jazz pants for your practice or performance is very important. After dedicating so much time and effort to practising and perfecting your routine, you shouldn’t settle for less than the perfect pair for when you come up on stage.

What makes jazz pants different from any other is their cut, they are snug in the waist and thighs, and flair out from the knee down and often have a v-waist to accentuate the waistline. The jazz pant cut balances the body and gives a look of symmetry. This allows your teacher and the audience to see what both your hips and legs are doing during your performance so that they can fully appreciate your talent.

Usually made of a cotton lycra combination, the fabric is lightweight and breathable and is extremely stretchy and comfortable to move in. Jazz pants are supposed to be tight and snug to reflect your shape and movements.

Jazz pants are usually black and will often be paired with a brighter or more ornate top. This is particularly so in flash dance and jazz routines where the dancer and his/her routine are intended to be flashy. Black dance pants often are a staple in a jazz dancer’s wardrobe.

The costume is to complement and put emphasis on the dancer and her moves and not detract from them and a pair of tight, comfortable black flared leg jazz pants should be in every dancer’s kit.

To be honest, some people (me) wear jazz pants for everyday wear, because they really are THAT comfortable!

So, what do you think, have we convinced you that you need a pair?


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