Tips for a quick change at your dance recital

Quick outfit changes are essential for dancers, especially during performances and shows with multiple costume changes. To ensure smooth and efficient outfit changes, dancers often rely on a “quick change kit” or “dance bag” containing various items to help them transition between costumes quickly. Here’s a list of items you might need for a dancer quick outfit change:

1. **Garment bag or costume organizer:** A garment bag or organizer with compartments can help you keep your costumes separate and organized, making it easier to find the right outfit quickly.

2. **Safety pins and/or sewing kit:** These are handy for emergency repairs and adjustments if something comes loose or needs fixing during the change.

3. **Costume change checklist:** A written or visual checklist can help you remember the specific order of costume changes and ensure you don’t miss anything.

4. **Clear plastic bags:** Use these to store undergarments, accessories, and any small costume pieces. Transparent bags make it easier to see what’s inside.

5. **Velcro or snap fasteners:** These can be used to secure parts of costumes that need to be quickly attached and detached.

6. **Dance shoes:** Have all the necessary pairs of dance shoes ready to go, organized by costume.

7. **Hair and makeup supplies:** Keep hairbrushes, hair ties, hairpins, hairspray, makeup, and any other necessary beauty items in your quick change kit.

8. **Wig or hairpieces (if applicable):** If your performance requires a wig or hairpiece, have it prepared in advance with the necessary pins or clips.

9. **Baby wipes or wet wipes:** These are useful for freshening up quickly between costume changes.

10. **Water bottle and snacks:** Staying hydrated and having some energy-boosting snacks can help you maintain your energy during a long performance day.

11. **Labeling materials:** Use labels or colored ribbons to mark costume pieces and accessories for specific changes, making them easy to identify quickly.

12. **Adhesive bra or dance belt:** These undergarments can be helpful for quick changes, especially if your costumes require specific undergarments for modesty or support.

13. **Mini flashlight or headlamp:** A small light source can be handy for navigating backstage areas with dim lighting.

14. **Cue sheet:** If your performance involves specific cues or timing for costume changes, have a cue sheet with reminders.

15. **Quiet shoes or socks:** If you need to change footwear quickly without making noise backstage, bring quiet shoes or socks.

We highly recommend every dancer has a bodystocking in their wardrobe, this is a one piece nude leotard which gives a nice coverage and support and usually come with both nude and clear straps to work with a multitude of costumes. This makes life easier when changing in public as well. Pictured is the Studio Range bodystocking, perfect for children and adults.

Remember to plan and practice your quick outfit changes ahead of time to ensure everything goes smoothly during the actual performance. Having an organized and well-prepared quick change kit will help you stay focused and confident on stage.

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